TOEIC ボキャブラリ 600点

このテキストでは、TOEIC テストで600点以上を取得するために重要な577単語を学びます。

TOEIC で知らない英単語が多いとそれだけで時間がかかり、問題の内容を理解するのも

難しくなります。これらの英単語を覚えて、TOEIC テスト600点を目指しましょう!



1採用human resources, job opening
2雇用機会opportunity, career
3求人申込résumé, cover letter
4employee, contract
5routine, perform
6promote, recognize
7branch, in charge of
8colleague, facility
9agenda, be scheduled to
10committee, announce
11proposal, wage
12coworker, respond
13individual, rate
14カスタマーサービスresolve, dissatisfied
15file, indicate
16draft, review
17supplier, out of stock
18aware, structure
19inform, bulletin board
20wheel, inconvenience
21efficiency, operate
22attendee, register
23regional, representative
24travel agent, expense
25intersection, make it
26amenity, receptionist
27beverage, a variety of
28hospitality, sightseeing
29行き方を尋ねるlandmark, pedestrian
30carry, delicate
31established, carry out
32presence, launch
33executive, accompany
34press conference, headline
35machinery, assembly line
36vehicle, strategy
37destination, follow up
38appliance, summary
39concerned, laboratory
40related, look up
41function, install
42exceed, leading
43broadcast, boost
44furnished, lease
45no longer, belongings
46official, carrier
47place an order, charge
48architecture, downtown
49empty, surround
50fashion-conscious, display
51establishment, traditional
52compartment, valuables
53exhibit, portrait
54appearance, instrument
55box office, admission
56issue, fill out
57demonstrate, crew
58accountant, method
59certificate, funds
60factor, recover
61physical, conduct
62merge with, oversee
63invest, generate
64district, be situated
65sculpture, accommodate
66candidate, showcase
67tenant, real estate
68plumber, housewares
69identification, hand out
70availability, electronically
71amateur, copy
72fuel, enable
73labor, terms
74domestic, coverage
75occupation, duties
76vote, nominate
77annual, sponsor
78author, copyright
79paper, association
80debate, in response to
81native, participate
82dock, arrangement